Control System Technology & Industrial IT

Our offer is complemented by the use of the most modern software available.

We use Simatic S7 / Vipa and Beckhoff IPC for control system technology for automating and visualising our plants and systems.

Machine Data Acquisition with ProScan / ProCess

To integrate machines and linked systems into your IT infrastructure, we have developed the ProScan / ProCess solution for the central acquisition, recording and evaluation of process data and (malfunction) messages. It provides up to 256 controlling units via TCP/IP and OPC servers.

Process Data Coupling and Visualisation with ProLink / ProVision

Furthermore, we have developed ProLink / ProVision in accordance with TS 16949 validated process interface / quality interface for the processing of product-specific and/or task-specific specifications for set point values and test limits.

The acquisition, recording and documentation of all test, inspection and process data as well as plant and system statuses for on-line process visualisation and central product overview have also been individually designed and created by us.