Tool & Parts Manufacturing

Within the manufacturing process, we work with milling (conventional & 5 axis HSC), turning (conventional & hard, driven tools), wire erosion, flat and round grinding methods, as well as measuring with a 3D coordinate measuring machine.


Stanz- und Biegewerkzeug, Ansicht von oben

We provide tools for the following areas:

  • Punch-bending tools
  • Precision tools
  • Follow-up composite tools
  • Pressing tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Stamping and embossing tools
  • Injection moulding tools
  • Hot and cold forming tools
  • Vulcanising tools

Cutting tools (examples)

Stamping and embossing tools (examples)

Part manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology enables us to manufacture high-precision tool parts.

Musterteile und Kleinserien


  • Synchronringe (innen & außen)
  • Schiebemuffen
  • Kupplungskörper
  • Lamellen
  • Synchronnaben
  • Kettenräder
  • Schaltgabeln

Tool parts


  • Hot and cold forming tools
  • Cutting punches and dies
  • Ejection device
  • Blank holder
  • Ejector

Präzise Verzahnungen

Beispiel Verzahnungen


  • Verzahnungsschleifen mit hochgenauen Teilapparaten
  • Lehrenanfertigung
  • Messen mit Messprotokoll oder Zertifikat

Our Manufacturing Technology

Nahaufnahme verschiedener Bohraufsätze

With our wide range of CNC machines, we not only cover our own requirements for individual parts for special machines, fixtures and tools, but also manufacture high-precision parts according to our customer´s request.

Our key areas are

  • Turning / hard turning
  • Milling / HSC milling
  • Grinding
  • Wire eroding
  • Measuring
  • Polishing

Extract from our production technology & machines

CNC Turning

e.g. with Monforts RNC 500, also hard turning with interrupted cut

CNC Milling

e.g. with the U1130 hood, HSC milling to 67 HRC hardness

Wire eroding

e.g. with the Charmilles Robofil

Flat grinding

e.g. ABA Ecoline 1007

Circular grinding and gearwheel grinding

e.g. with the Studer S33 CNC

3D Measuring

e.g. with Zeiss Prismo with VAST measuring head and rotary table, mobile measuring with FARO GAGE measuring arm