Special machine construction

In the area of special machine construction, we have many years of experience in a wide range of industries. We combine precise mechanics with innovative control system technology to implement high performance special machines for you.

We will be pleased to accept the following assignments in consultation with you

  • the development and construction,
  • the creation of a project plan and technical specification,
  • the design and construction of a suitable feeding and conveying technology,
  • the switching cabinet construction with wiring,
  • the integration of measuring and testing technology,
  • the implementation of robot solutions,
  • the control system technology and visualisation,
  • the assembly, installation and commissioning,
  • the instructions and training for your staff

Finally handing over a punctually completed, turnkey plant to you.

Of course, we also execute overhauls on existing plants and systems in a professional manner and upgrade or update them to comply with the latest state of the art technology.

Sample projects

Curved controlled automatic assembly unit for spray heads

Capacity: 120 parts/minute, location: Argentina

Special machine for chip controlling

Location: Switzerland

Automatic punching and bending machine IMS-800

Special machine for the production of engine housings from pre-punched boards, location: Germany

Further examples of implemented special machines

  • Longitudinal transfer systems
  • Rotary transfer machines
  • Curved controlled automatic assembly unit for spray heads (capacity: 240 parts/minute)
  • Special machines for engine housings made from pre-punched boards
  • Punching-bending machine for the production of spring contacts
  • Band cutting system with variable lengths
  • Special machine for permanent bonding and UV hardening
  • Partial automatic assembly systems with process connection
  • Rotary transfer systems for the assembly of contacts in plug connectors
  • Automatic assembly unit with integrated punching technology
  • Curved controlled longitudinal transfer assembly line